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Paris boutique facadeParis boutique facade


Visit us at 5 rue des Blancs Manteaux in Paris.
The first boutique offers visitors an immersive experience. Oneirism and futurism mingle, in the continuity of fragrances that combine art and technology.
From the street, fantastic vegetation appears, inviting you to push open the door to this extraordinary place. Here we are in a magnificent garden of extraordinary nature where fourteen intriguing flowers bloom, releasing their fragrances through an innovative diffusion method.
Paris boutique fragrance diffusersParis boutique fragrance diffusers


Each bottle is crafted to celebrate boundless creativity. Nicolas Vu has ingeniously designed the INFINIMENT COTY PARIS bottles to be stackable, transforming them into a versatile platform for artistic expression.
Discover exclusive artistic interpretations of the perfumes ARISTO CHYPRE, ENCORE UNE FOIS and OR DE MOI created with the bottles.
Paris boutique insideParis boutique inside
Infiniment Coty Paris perfume collectionInfiniment Coty Paris perfume collection

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