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Coty boutique in Place Vendôme in ParisCoty boutique in Place Vendôme in Paris

"We are fragrance disruptors since 1904"
Sue Nabi

Born in Paris in 1904 Coty is a pioneer brand of modern perfumery


La Rose Jacqueminot was Coty’s first official fragrance and is considered one of the first modern soliflores. When floral bouquets were at the height of popularity, Coty designed a unique new fragrance structured around a single floral note: the May or Centifolia Rose.

This beautiful rose note was enhanced with significant proportions of new synthetic ingredients, giving the composition incredible power and longevity.
La Rose Jacqueminot perfume bottle


With Ambre Antique, Coty created a masterpiece and a new olfactory family of amber fragrances.

Coty new scent combined sweet and opulent notes of precious woods, balms, musk, and vanilla with flowers and exotic essences.

Coty then modernized these accords with the use of synthetic bases for the first time. Ambrein S was developed especially for Coty and became the base of many Coty formulas to come.
Ambre Antique Coty perfume bottle


Chypre fragrances date back to the Middle Ages when early perfumers from the island of Cyprus combined local plants with ingredients traded across the Mediterranean.

In Coty’s Chypre, a harmony of oakmoss, sandalwood, and citrus swirl around a heart of jasmine, enveloped in an amber base of vanillin and coumarin, bringing softness and illumination.

These distinct notes transformed the traditional masculine chypre into a new, modern scent for women and established the chypre olfactive family.
Chypre Coty perfume bottle


Emeraude is another Coty jewel in Coty’s amber family. It uses the same unique synthetic amber base as Ambre Antique and boasts a complex, multi-faceted formula like that of L’Origan.

Citrus top notes lead to a heart of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, and Rio Rosewood, over a base of amber, sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin, and vanilla.

The fragrance and its marketing campaign were both built around the sense of luxury and elegance associated with the green emerald.
Emeraude Coty perfume bottle


Perhaps Coty’s most well-known floral fragrance, L’Aimant was a bestseller for decades.

During the 1910s, the first fragrances featuring aldehydes were developed, which offered a new, contemporary feeling that was different from other perfumes of the day.

L’Aimant capitalized on this new scent profile, creating a magnetic and sophisticated floral composition enhanced by top notes of bergamot, peach, neroli and a base of vetiver, musk, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean, and cedar.
L'aimant Coty perfume bottle


With the launch of L’Effleurt, Coty worked to capture the fleeting moment of a flower releasing its first scent.

This delicate floral bouquet fragrance was encased in René Lalique’s first bottle design for Coty, featuring an ethereal woman gracefully emerging from hazy swirls of fragrance released by flowers in bloom. The scene is beautiful and mesmerizing – a beautiful representation of the Art Nouveau style that Lalique was known for.
L'effleurt Coty perfume bottle


Muguet des Bois is a clean, fresh, green floral fragrance that celebrates the brightness of springtime and May Day traditions through its central flower: the iconic lily of the valley.

Although originally developed in Coty’s early years, the fragrance was reformulated and relaunched in the postwar period with a savvy seasonal marketing campaign centered on the May Day tradition of sharing a sprig of lily of the valley with the one you love.
Muguet des bois Coty perfume bottleMuguet des bois coty perfume bottle


  • Advertising of La Rose Jacqueminot by Coty

    La Rose Jacqueminot - 1910

    by Leonetto Cappiello

  • Advertising of ambre antique by Coty

    Ambre Antique - 1913

    by Georges Goursat

  • Advertising of Emeraude by Coty

    Emeraude - 1940

    by René Jeandot

  • Advertising of l'Aimant by Coty

    L'Aimant - 1943

    Unknown Illustrator

  • Advertising of Coty Parfums

    Coty Parfums- 1944

    by J. L. Ermisse

  • Advertising of L'Origan by Coty

    L'Origan - 1950

    by C. Brenner

  • Advertising of Coty Parfums

    Coty Parfums - 1950

    Unknown Illustrator

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